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Discovering Colorado's Prehistoric Past

one bone at a time

The Museum at Dinosaur Junction is dedicated to inspiring, educating and enriching life in Eagle County and Colorado as a whole by deepening the understanding and appreciation of history and science through the research, preservation and exhibition of paleontological discoveries.

Exhibits cover a comprehensive 200 million year history of the region, from fossil dinosaurs beginning in the Triassic, through the Jurassic, and into the Cretaceous including fossils from the Western Interior Seaway that covered the land millions of years ago.

As we discover and identify more and more fossil remains, our museum and library will continue to grow with life forms from Eagle County, Colorado.

Inoceramus Clams from ancient Cretaceous Colorado
This guy is massive and more than 79 million years old!

what exactly are those donations funding?

The Museum at Dinosaur Junction is made possible by the generous donations provided by the community, residents, and businesses of Edwards, Eagle County, and the State of Colorado and from generous people across the U.S. from coast to coast. As we source and create installations and exhibits representing local Colorado and the state as a whole, we will be updating the growth of our endeavor for all to join in the journey!



In addition to Edwards’ new prehistoric experience, the projects below are examples of the ongoing research and discovery the museum is providing to the science of paleontology and history of Colorado. With your continued support, we will be able to continue this important and exciting work while also supporting this new and wonderful museum. 

Keep it going!




The areas in and around Dinosaur Junction span an incredible 170 million years! 




The Tutle Hill project is one of the most recent undertakings of The Museum at Dinosaur Junction.



Sauropod Project

Of all the dinosaurs known, it is the sauropods that instill the most sense of awe.


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